and may every sunset bring you peace.

May every sunrise bring you hope,

We have been offering yoga and ayurveda lifestyle immersions for over 20 years in the United States, Costa Rica, Bali,  Mexico and our home base of Kerala, India. 

We believe yoga is a lifestyle practice. Yoga is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel but rather, it is the practice of untying the knots in our hearts so we can lead happier, longer and more peaceful lives.

Our immersion Programs are for anyone and everyone who aspires for a wholesome experience of Yoga which has to include much more than the practice of postures.

We customise our immersions according to the necessity and ability of each student. These are perfectly suited for all ages and experience levels. We promise you a well guided entry point and the utmost in personal care.

Global Yoga Immersions include special combinations of yoga, meditation, pranayama and lifestyle practices. Our aim is to encourage you to learn more and study deeper, but also at your unique pace which we will help you find.

Whether you are a practitioner aiming to deepen your practice or a teacher looking for further resources or a beginner aiming to have a solid foundation, these are the right programs for you - profoundly powerful, healing and strengthening and deeply inspiring.

many changes are on the horizon for global namaste, please check back here we change and grow.