How much experience do I need to join the teacher course?
We encourage students from all backgrounds with different levels of experience to join the course. Beginners may attend with instructor permission. Many attend for their own learning, health and growth, a desire to teach is not required. We believe that a seasoned practitioner can learn so much from a less experienced practitioner and vice versa. Having students with different levels of experience ensures that the classes in training will be reflective of the classroom environments in which our graduates go on to teach. We have also observed that someone who is experienced in getting into particular postures may not be as experienced as a short term practitioner in other areas integral to the training such as philosophy, yoga lifestyle, ethics etc.

What Style of Yoga will I be learning?

Will I have the opportunity to actually teach in the course?
From about the end of week one our trainees begin to teach the group under the supervision of a senior teacher and assistants when the group size warrants. We believe this is why we have such a high rate of trainees go on to teach so soon after graduation.

Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate and at what level?
Graduates who attend all classes, complete all assignments and pass all assessments will be issued with a certificate and may register with Yoga Alliance to become an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200 hour level. Trainees who are 100% committed during the course and afterwards with their own practice have a very high success rate as teachers.

Do you have scholarships?
Of course. We offer full and partial scholarships fore all events and our scholarships waitlist is full through summer 2013 at this time.

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