"Cassie, I dont know how to thank you or if the words "thank you" express how grateful I am for joining your 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Course. Your sensitive treatment of the students and your honesty were among lots of your great characteristics! I am very lucky to have found your course and I am so proud to be one of your Graduates and have definite plans to study with you again next year" - David Jeffery, US Medical Professional USA 2016

If like me, you are looking (and above all needing) to totally get away from the craziness and stress of your day to day life / job / love-life & want to switch off your blackberry and have some serious me time with true peace and quiet that will allow you to work out what you really want and need from your life. Come with an open mind, an open heart and knowing that you will spend a lot of time on your own thinking and learning that you dont need to be surrounded by people and noise in order to have a good time, and you will have a holiday that will not only send you home with a healthier body but also with a healthier, happier outlook on your life and the world generally..
- Melissa Durso, Sales Manager UK 2016

"The way in which the postures were broken down and explained was thorough especially for a retreat. It was an amazing feeling and it was beautiful to see all the different bodies and people all in their own practicesThank you for helping me realize that giving and receiving support can be such a powerful thing."
- Amanda King, US Media Execruive Mexico 2016

"Thank you for illuminating the light of Yoga onto our 15 willing Yogis. We love you! The course was well thought out, graciously executed and lovingly provided. The retreat location was absolutely magical too. My practice is far more stable, connected and invigorating."
- Melony Shaw, Mother of 6, Australia 2015

"Cassie is exceptionally thorough, present, available and grounded, which proves her teachings are coming from a deep, centered source. As a raw beginner, she made me feel absolutely comfortable. From beginning to the end of the 10-day immersion, Cassie exudes a passion, vibrancy and true commitment to helping her students to have a transformational experience. I am honored and blessed to be a part of such a special program."
- Morgan Hesling, COllege Professor Unites States, 2015

"I rediscovered my body and my creativity, I allowed my vulnerability and my tears a voice and accepted all the comfort offered, I looked without shyness into beautiful eyes and faces. Oh yes, and somewhere along the line I did some yoga too and found out that I could be a yoga teacher. This stuff works."
- David Arndt, Mecial Doctor UK 2014

"It was a very special time and I came away feeling very nourished and calm. The serenity and tranquility of the retreat location really did add to the magic. Your technique of staying in the moment and only doing what you can and not stressing about the rest is amazing".
- Douglas Castle, Graduate Student, New Zealand, 2013

I was lost, my life was lost. I didnt know what to do. I was walking around like a like soul. I called the whatsapp number. Cass was in India and it was 3 am but she answered and we talked for just 10 mins. I was feeling much better after that and I decided to meet her. Cassie taught me the discipline of yoga, just WOW! Also every day we would spend few hours just talking about me and my problems, she was the only person who understood and fixed everything, I never found a new person I hardly knew so genuinely concerned, nice, gentle and open. I really miss hier and Im still in contact, sometimes when I just need a kick in my life, . We spent just 5 days together in a one on one making over my daiy routine and looking into yoga postures, food, sleep, and mediation and believe or not my life is changed better!! It is now more than 4 months and I am stil sticking to the plan we made together and everyone in my life is always complementing me for all kinds of visible changes in my body and my calmness. Thank you Thank you!
- Peter McCune, Quebec, 2013